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this month but this morning is business as usual for the 180,000 people who use a.c. transit in the bay area. >> thank you very much. the two sides in the bart dispute are preparing to make the case before a governor's board of inquiry in oakland this morning. the governor appointed the three-member panel to examine where contract talks stand and how it impacts the bay area. he wants the report by friday and decide if he will ask a judge to declare a 60-day cooling off period preventing a strike or lockout. bart folks and union leaders have not held bargaining talks sin the governor stepped in on sunday night hours before the contract expired. >> if you would like to go to the meeting it is open to the public and will be held at the state building in oakland at 1515 clay street. it starts at 10:30. in the event of a strike, abc7 news has a full range of resources to turn to with the latest on contract talks, real time traffic conditions and our exclusive abc7 news waze traffic app with updates on twitter. >> new this morning in the east bay investigators are trying to determine the cause of
morning long. red flag warnings, mike is keeping track of that. >>> and leyla joins us with a check on the traffic. >> reporter: all right. we don't have any crashes to speak of, so that's the good news. hopefully, we won't have any car fires because of the dry conditions. what we do have, though, good morning, everyone, construction in the east bay, traveling along in the eastbound direction on 580 between north slim road and greenville. you will be seeing crews out there working on drainage, and that is causing a little bit of a bottleneck, as you can see slowing building in the eastbound direction. westbound direction nice and clear. we are at top speeds as you make it out of tracey and into dublin, and as you continue into castro valley. so not a problem there. going outside live to look at this, the bay bridge toll plaza, where i saw a few cars loading up in the cash-paying lane, as you can see on the right-hand side of the screen. the rest of the drive is moving along fine. we'll have a few lanes blocked westbound until 5:00 at the cantilever section till the end of the tunnel
and vallejo with overflow parking available in alameda. golden gate transit will have two boats used by bay ferry. car pool lane hours are extended as they were last time from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> during the last strike thousands flocked to car pooling but the waits were frustrating. it went smoothly yesterday morning in san francisco. drivers dropped off passengers near the financial district. transportation officials are reserving parts of areas around the transbay terminal for the evening commute but commuters say that adds to chaos. >> the love the buses were routed to beale street where the car pool pickup so it was difficult to get picked up because there was so much traffic. >> there is a small spot for commuters. transportation officials will hand out $5 gift cards to evening casual car poolers in san francisco. >> we have a range of resources at abc7 news including the latest updates from transit agencies on how extra passengers are accommodated with a list of park-'n-ride lots and real time traffic maps. can you follow us on twitter for breaking updates. >> a motorcyclist is
background. and the san francisco director of human resources used to work as a state labor mediator and was a union representative at the service employees international union from 1982 to 1994. and the president emeritus of the trade counsel of california was a commissioner at the california transportation commission from 2002 to 2006 and has a long union history with an international brotherhood of electrical workers and the orange county building trades council. >> the bart board sent this letter to the governor requesting a 60-day cooling off period. he opted instead to order an investigation into the contract dispute between bart and the unions. workers are not allowed to strike during the seven-day inquiry. the letter requesting the cooling off the period said and i quote, "we believe the public should not be deprived of this public service unless all alternative those avoid work stoppage are utilized." the entire record is posted on our website at abc7 news co. word of the strike being put off came late, after most commuters want to wed. some still inconvenienced and not too
us. matt keller is at the bay bridge toll plaza. matt? >> at the toll plaza workers are putting in a new drainage system and crews grinded down the as fault from 2" to 6" lower and they have to maybe it. the work can be divided into three main projects: demolition, road surface work and paving and striping. 14 thousand tons of asphalt are coming down the street and the plants are going from pleasanton at the plant to the construction site. >> we have not had any hitches. >> the new road surface is finished and the lower deck is half done. it will improve traction and last longer. it is actually on schedule and there is a very slim chance they would not meet the deadline and re-open the bridge. now, the work is going nonstop and this video from yerba buena island shows crews putting finishing touches as caltran and the workers try to beat the clock and only a small chance that would happen. >> caltran workers do not usually move that fast? >> they always do. one labor, westbound, and it is causing quite the jam up there as you make it along 500 and then you will see top speeds so
are working to get more information on the story. follow us at abc7 news. >> two blackhawk helicopters will join the battle against a 4,000 acre wildfire that destroyed a dozen homes near park city. several vehicles, boats and sheds have been destroyed. 250 homes are under threat. they have been evacuated and the fire is only 5 percent contains and it appears to be sparked by lightning. >> the hospital in atlanta had a change in heart and agreed to add a 15-year-old boy to the list for a heart transplant. children's health care says that anthony hamilton has a weakened heart that could take his life in nine months without a transplant. the supporters were told by a committee he would not be put on the list because of his truancy issues and juvenile record but doctors say he now has been moved to one a status. >> he will be put at the top of the list. >> doctors say they are continuing to work with the family to establish a care plan and determine the best next step for the patient. apple investors will see if shares will soar after a huge surge yesterday. activist investor tweeted he a
says he was a top evening near before leaving in march. he helped inhaven't a machine used drive through restaurants where you could pay with a quick payment. >> a man was killed in a party bus accident on sunday night. he was full of energy and always willing to do favors. the fundraiser starts at 8:00 at a tavern in south san francisco. he was the only passenger aboard a van that veered off the freeway and hit a tree near alpine road last weekend. police arrested the driver, 43-year-old of daly city, on multiple counts include manslaughter, and hit-and-run accident and manslaughter. >> the tiffany jewelry store in walnut creek will re-open after a brazen robbery we brought you year. four masked men used a stolen pickup to smash the doors at the plaza shopping mall before 6:00 a.m. and police say the thieves brought a tub to haul away the take but did not make off with much because the expensive jewelry is locked away. police believe the suspects escaped in a while blazer. >> a dangerous prank pull on home wood stars has pop up in the bay area, called swatting involving a phony
working to transition from the old span to the any span as soon as possible. thanks for joining us. >> we went on at 4:00 this morning because of the importance of what is going on. we will tomorrow, as well. more bridge news. >> hundreds of crews are working to get the new bridge open. the old span, bay area commuters have been using it since the 1930's, is closed. we have coverage going with matt keller on the oakland side of the bridge. >> next to the toll plaza at 200 yards away i step out the way and you can see the work being done on the bridge. the work during closure has to do with grinding and striping which takes time to cure and dry. the new span needs to be connected to land on the oakland side and the tunnel on the with the side. the challenging roth is demolition of the old westbound upper deck on the oakland side so the bicycle path can be connected. there is a final touch with birds nesting on the old bridge so boxes were the on the newen into. >> we put steel american platforms to entice the birds over to make their home under the new bridge. >> when it is done driving on
rain vehicles. they are not telling us how they got the tip but they is determined that the two recently reconnected and they were seen together the night she vanished the. >> we no that person over 20 years ago dated sandra coke very briefly and he reappeared in the bay area recently and reached out to sandra for help. >> yesterday, coke's family announced $100,000 reward for information leading to her return. her mini cooper was found in a parking lot not far from her home two days after she vanished. two of her cell phones were found and one in emeryville near north oakland and the other was found tossed off an exit ramp off i-80 in richmond near mcdonald's and authorities overnight say they are hopeful she is still alive but hope this search will tell them if there is foul play involved in the disappearance. >> if there are any new developments during the morning news we will bring them to you much the coverage continues on twitter@abcnews bay area. in san francisco firefighters are investigating a fire at a dry cleaning business at 23rd avenue after 1:30 this morning. piles
at the end of june but they kept working affecting 181,000 passengers who use a.c. transit each day. bart trains are moving after governor brown stepped in to stop a strike. the governor has appoint add three-person panel to investigate the contract dispute between bart and the two biggest unions. tomorrow, bart riders will see what each side will present to the panel during a public hearing in oakland. the governor will get a report by week end and have to decide whether to call for 60-day cooling off period. katie marzullo will have a full report in the next half hour. >> you can find a range of commute resources in the event of a bart strike or a.c. transit strike on you can find real time traffic conditions and download our exclusive abc7 news traffic app and get breaking news updates on twitter by following us at abc7 news bay area. >> a major outage at a reservation system used by the top airlines could cause headaches for travelers. united, men, virgin and others affected by the outage to the reservation system at 9:00 last night and airlines had to manually check in
can not even buy us breakfast. >> is that why you were not here yesterday? the these dollar menu. >> we are winners with the weather if you have been waiting for warmer weather. >> it is here. it will be row best inland east bay where the air conditioning could get stepped out again after they have been sitting dormant. we will start with visibility and we have a little bit of cloud cover along the coast and around santa rosa and it is filling in along the east bay shore. you can see it right here from the east bay hills back toward san francisco. the clouds are late-arriving again and because of that late arrival they will be quicker to leave, too, leaving us with a warm high than yesterday. less cloud cover tonight. if you could not see the meteor shower, tonight is the best night for it. cooler on friday and saturday and warm weather comes back sunday and monday. the cloud cover is surging through 7:30 or 8:00 and an hour quicker, today, it is gone. along the coast we will see more sunshine than yesterday. in the south bay, we have mid-to-upper 80's in san jose and los gatos a
flight. attendants will now use them to process inflight transactions. the whiskey market is doing well for jack daniels because they are expanding to keep up with global demand and make sure every drop of jack daniels is made at >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:42. from our roof camera, you can see the bay bridge. temperatures are warming up. mike nicco will have the scoop coming up. >> the streets of cairo are calm following transfer of former president mubarak from prison to a military hospital. a court ordered the release but mubarak could go back if convicted in the deaths of protests during the 2011 uprising. he is under house arrest ensuring he appears in court. he was in jail for two years facing corruption charges. >> a deal aimed at resolving the sexual harassment scandal involving san diego mayor could have hit a snag. the city council is set to vote on the deal after 1:00 o'clock but the representative of one of the 17 women said she did not sign off on the deal announced by the city officials. no details on the dol
francisco or oakland without using the bay bridge? during the closure bart will run hourly service from 14 stations across the system. it is adding longer trains to accommodate the increase in passengers. a.c. transit will deliver passengers to four bart stations. san francisco bay ferry saw ridership triple dug the bart strike. it is adding service because of that. it could open before scheduled before 5:00 tuesday but it is not a sure thing. we have not closed the bridge yet so we do not know how quickly the construction will move around. do not plan your route based on a "what if." the c.h.p. will roll traffic breaks on 80 approaching the bay bridge in san francisco tonight and oakland and several ramps will close. the chain h cutting ceremony is 3:00 p.m. on monday and traffic is opened to all vehicle starting tuesday morning by 5:00 a.m. >> when the new bridge opens caltran will start the process of tearing down the old span that will be dismantled piece by piece to avoid a collapse. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the first section to go is the s curve. people will notice the o
. the remains are finally identified in may using d.n.a. samples from the family. the coffin arrived at san jose international airport where it was escorted by believes and veterans to the funeral home. he was born in 1919 and grew up in the mission district of san francisco. >> we have our first look at the fix for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. dozens of broken bolts were discovered in march forcing officials to delay the opening. we went inside the engineering company in vallejo where the steel saddles are being made. they will it is under the deck of the bridge and involve the broken bolts. crews will begin installing in mid-september. we will explain the process in a report in the next half hour. >> happening today, mosquito fogs is underway in san jose to prevent the spread of west nile virus tonight on the north and highway 101 on the south and orchard parkway to the west and highway 680 to the east. ground crews will start at 11 p.m. tonight. >> now the weather. i do not see fog but that is my drive. over to meteorologist mike nicco. >> it was quiet. a nice change. august 1. wel
and community leaders announced a plan to use imminent domain to seize the mortgages those would face foreclosure because they owe more than the home is worth. the program would modify the troubled mortgages. last week, wells fargo fired lawsuits to try to block the plan from moving forward. >> new data released release red than 30 percent homes compared to last year. and completed foreclosures will be 429,000 below the total from last year and the fewest since 2007. >> a wildfire burning this morning in the tahoe national forest is threatening part of california history. the gold rush towns of deadwood and last chance are in the fact of the flames, significant in history. the old mining town is in the most imminent danger and no populated areas are threatened and only 10 percent contained. in utah, residents home to return home as firefighters battle a 2,000 acre wildfire after 14 homes have been destroyed and 20 outbuildings and vehicles and bets. shifting whens have pushed the fire to 250 homes in a subdivision ten miles northeast of park city. the fire is 25 percent contained. >>
of lightning, we'd love to see them. you can e-mail them or share the images with us at and we're on twitter at abc7newsbayarea. >>> police are looking for the person who opened fire at a san jose bar killing a man and wounding two others. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live from the scene with the latest. matt? >> reporter: this parking lot right here is still blocked off as this has turned into a homicide investigation. you can see the crime scene van is here, still processing evidence outside the restaurant. police say the shooting happened just after 10:00 last night. it appears the shooter fired outside through the windows. three people were hit by bullets. they were taken to the hospital. one man died and the two others had nonlife-threatening injuries. >> right now we're reviewing some of the video footage and collecting some of the evidence and processing the scene. >> reporter: police say about 15 people made up of patrons and employees were around when officers arrived. they were interviewed. no one has been arrested. police are still trying to figure out h
followers when the bridge opens. you can follow us at abc7 news bay area. >> two motorcycle riders are of rolling from injuries from a terrifying lung off a road in los gatos. you can see the motorcycle being pulled up an embankment near the reservoir. the highway patrol says the motorcycle tumbled 20' to 30' and the riders suffered minor injuries. >> two children and two adults are in the hospital after a shooting in oakland. shell casings of coulded the pavement yesterday. police say someone opened fire into a crowd of people yesterday afternoon. police closed off an eight-block area and searched for the gunman who got away. all victims will survive. the two children hit by gunfire are eight and 12. >> this were two homicides after being shot at 11th and d street yesterday morning. there are no descriptions of the person or people responsible. >> the san lenadro police department issued a silver alert for an 81-year-old man considered "at risk." the man was last seen yesterday morning on brook side drive and is an avid walker and walked from san lenadro to the san mateo bridge in
the mortgages and help north than 600 homeowners refinance using the pow we of imminent demain if necessary. three trustees responded by filing a lawsuit in federal court yesterday calling for an injunction against richmond's plan. >> santa clara county is reporting the first human case of west nile virus in the bay area. an unidentified woman became ill in july and treated in the hospital. california has seen 14 confirmed human cases of west nile virus, two have been fatal. the fire is spread by mosquitoes and west nile is peaking and health officials advise wear lover sleeves and pants outside when the mosquitoes are active, cover the windows with screen and empty standing water around your home. >> a superior court judge will consider a lawsuit today from the san mateo union while district to get the advance placement test scores of 224 students re-instated. the board threw out the results of the mills high school students after a student reported that some students were seated in roundtables during the tests and not facing in the same direction as required. the students were closely sup
. the response overall has been positive. >> france's foreign minister is raising the possibility of the use of force in syria if it is proven that president bashar al-assad regime used chemical weapons. the united states, britain and france demand that a team of experts in syria be granted immediate access to investigate the site where activists say government forces unleashed chemical weapons on civilians yesterday killing at least 100 people. victims are brought to hospitals where doctors can do little to help them. the government denies the claims but the obama administration is asking the u.n. to urgently investigate. >> more chaos in egypt. ousted former president mubarak is expected to be freed from prison at any moment. last month's military coup has some wondering if they are headed back to mubarak's old regime. we go to washington, dc, for the latest. >> the death toll in egypt is staggering a thousand people killed in a week. enjoy, fear of more tension after two years in jail waiting for a retrial, mubarak could walk out of detail. the prime minister ordered him to be placed unde
tomorrow night. crews showed us shims they placed under the bridge that have been wedged in place to prevent the span from rocking extensively. caltran says they will be removed in december when new saddles are installed to reinforce the bolts. the bridge will be closed tomorrow night at 8:00 for five days and re-open on tuesday morning at 5:00 at the latest. abc7 news reporter matt keller will have more at top of the hour. shows the options that are available to you including the extra service that bart, act tran it and the ferry will provide. you can explore the real time traffic map to see where the worst gridlock is. when the bridge opens we will notify our twitter followers so you can follow us on twitter. >> happening today, san jose could become the biggest city in the state to ban styrofoam food containers that takes affect january 1 of next year. the san jose mercury news quotes city officials saying there is no market for recycling plastic foam. most ends in the land fulls. the restaurant association says it would harm small businesses more than help the env
, the first day, no refund. the guy that sold them to us and multiple people. >> but police say it was a generally tame event, in san francisco, for abc7 news. >> a great weekend for music but a great weekend for racing dragon boats on the lake in oregon with 20 teams taking part from portland, san diego, and los angeles. the festival is the regional championship to determine would will remit the regional united states team at next year's international dragon boat federation championship in italy. the director says there is talk of making drag going boat racing an olympic sport. >> it is a good work out. >> i would last 50 yards. >> you are talking about rowing, i did the drumming. >> the drumming, that figures. >> now, now, it looks like fun. live doppler 7 hd shows the cloud cover that is out there this morning rolling across the neighborhoods but not so juicy, no reports of drizzle yet but there is the possibility at the coast. speaking of oakland here is a picture of downtown oakland and we will they our forecast highlights over it and bright and warmer this afternoon. tempe
collectively it was decided we would wait and hoping the mayor will listen to us and meet our demands but he calls the police to arrest us. >> the protesters demanded the mayor support the dropping of sappings by the accreditation committee and fired the special trustee because the school could be closed because of a loss accreditation. a student said that he was cited for trespassing and disrupting a meeting which are misdemeanors. >> two supporters of college college when to an >>ashley:youing the civil right units and encourages him to support the overturning of the decision and complied with a request to stand to the side of the road. >> from the area neocement national park a wildfire continues to burn out of control forcing the closure of the common route to enter the park. >> highway 120 is shut down in both directions and campgrounds are evacuated including a special week for 200 senior citizens. look at the massive flames seen crossing the roadway and the rim fire has burned 10,000 acres and zero percent contained. 2,000 houses, hotels and camps are in harm's way. the fire has claim
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